Ex-cop Councilman Dennis Zine is to blame in part for runaway gang violence and the Taft shootings. He supports LAPD's Special Order 40, thereby endangering public safety. Dennis Zine is opposed to turning illegal alien gang members over to the INS for deportation BEFORE THEY COMMIT THEIR NEXT CRIME!.
Daily News: Foreigners in gangs should be deported.
L.A. Times: Well intentioned "Special Order 40" has opposite effect
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Chief Bratton: love it or leave it
KABC Radio - Ken Minyard Show - August 26, 2003
Caller Steve (regarding Special Order 40): "The rest of your arguments are humorous. They're here illegally his job is to uphold the law."
Chief Bratton: "In as much as California has pretty much indicated that they don't want us involved in that issue, we're out of that business. If you don't like it leave the state."
I have two questions for you Chief Bratton:
1. Where did you get the information that Californians don't want L.A. to cooperate with the INS?
2. Did you mean it when you said that if any of us didn't like it, we should leave the state?
Zine-Villaraigosa give-away
City put on notice -- it will be sued
Hal Netkin working with FILE (FRIENDS of IMMIGRATION LAW ENFORCEMENT)  on behalf of victims of gang crime that could have been prevented if not for Special Order 40. See Cover Letter    See text of warning
Ex-Police Chief Gates on KABC Talk Radio on the Ken Minyard Show circa 1/15/04, blurts out on Special Order 40. Click here to listen
Hal Netkin's one man demonstration resulted in Councilman Dennis Zine offering to meet with him personally to engage in dialog on the subject. But Zine dropped the ball ...More
Special Order 40
            Zine on sham Mexican ID
              Forged replicas of the sham Mexican ID now available in Los Angeles

Daily News: Consular ID cards threat to national security.
L.A. Times: Stop Accepting Special IDs issued to Mexicans
Zine ignores the security concerns of the Federal Government
Funny, but not so funny
Ex-cop L.A. Councilman says that illegal vending doesn't exist in his district.